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Marina Andrawis,Shuhan He,Debbie Lai和Jarone Lee

Marina Andrawis,Shuhan He,Debbie Lai和Jarone Lee

玛丽娜·安德拉维斯(Marina Andrawis)拥有巴黎大学1万神殿 - 索邦大学的发展经济学硕士学位。她对健康科学和医学研究特别感兴趣。

Shuhan He, MD is an emergency medicine physician and faculty member of Harvard Medical School and in the Lab of Computer Science at Massachusetts General Hospital.

黛比赖昌星是现在行动联盟的首席运营官,一个非-profit focused on helping policy makers and individuals make the best data-driven decisions. She is also an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University College London. She previously worked at Google, on the Business Development and Policy teams, at Sony Pictures Entertainment, and in the legislative office of then-U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. She received her degree in Economics from Brown University, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa.

Jarone Lee,医学博士,MPH,FCCM是编辑委员会成员BMC Anesthesia.He holds the rank of Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, Director of the Blake 12 ICU at Massachusetts General Hospital.
Marina Andrawis,Shuhan He,Debbie Lai和Jarone Lee

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